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Suomalaisissa yliopistoissa tarkastetut eturauhassyöpää käsittelevät väitöskirjat

Helsingin yliopisto (49)

Aro, Jussi

Studies on the clinical efficacy and side effects of the palliative treatment of prostatic cancer, 1991

Bergius, Susanne

Health-related quality of life and survival outcomes in prostate cancer, 2021

Blom, Sami

Spatial characterisation of prostate cancer by multiplex immunohistochemistry and quantitative image analysis, 2019

Eerola, Hannaleena

Breast Cancer Families in Finland, 2001

Eineluoto, Juho


Erickson, Andrew

In Search of Improved Outcome Prediction of Prostate Cancer – A Biological and Clinical Approach, 2018

Finne, Patrik

Development and validation of methods for detection of prostate cancer, 2000

Färkkilä, Niilo

Health-related quality of life and costs in breast, prostate and colorectal cancer: a special focus on colorectal cancer, 2020

Haapiainen, Reijo

Studies on prognostic factors in prostatic cancer, 1986

Hackman, Greetta

Eturauhassyövän aktiivinen hoito (Active treatment of prostate cancer), 2021

Heinävaara, Sirpa

Modelling survival of patients with multiple cancers, 2003

Hekim Can

hK2 and PSA: Functions and Targets for Treatment of Prostate Cancer, 2012

Hemminki, Otto

Cancer immunotherapy with a gene modified serotype 3 oncolytic virus, 2015

af Hällström, Taija

p53 and DNA damage checkpoint responses in the human prostate, 2007

Ikonen, Saana

The role of magnetic resonance imaging in the detection, local staging, and diagnosis of prostate cancer, 2001

Jäämaa, Sari

DNA damage recognition in the normal epithelium of human prostate and seminal vesicles, 2011

Kalalahti, Inari

Prostate biopsies and active surveillance: infectious complications and how to reduce them, 2022

Kilkkinen, Annamari

Serum enterolactone: determinants and associations with breast and prostate cancers, 2004

Lahdensuo, Kanerva

Diagnostic and predictive tools in localized prostate cancer: biopsies, magnetic-resonance imaging, and tissue markers, 2017

Leinonen, Jari

Various molecular forms of prostate specific antigen (PSA) in the diagnosis of prostate cancer, 1999

Lehtonen, Rainer

The Role of Fumarase (FH) in Tumorigenesis, 2006

Liikanen, Ilkka

Combining Oncolytic Immunotherapy with Conventional Cancer Treatments, 2015

Lintula Susanna

Detection of prostate specific mRNAs in circulation and in prostatic tissue, 2005

Mattsson, Johanna

Antiangiogenic and proteolytic activities of prostate-specific antigen, 2014

Mikkola, Arto

Primary Polyestradiol Phosphate versus Orchiectomy for Advanced Prostate Cancer. Studies on the Efficacy, Cardiovascular Complications and Prognostic Factors, 2008


Experimental adenovirus gene therapy for cancer patients with advanced tumors: Translational medicine from basic research to the patient’s bedside, 2013

Ovaska, Kristian

Computational methods for analyzing complex high-throughput data from cancers, 2014

Paavonen, Karri

Vascular Endothelial Growth Factors and the Bmx Tyrosine Kinase in the Regulation of Angiogenesis and Lymphangiogenesis, 2003

Parviainen, Suvi

Developing genetically engineered oncolytic viruses for cancer gene therapy, 2015

Pihlajamaa, Päivi

Molecular Mechanisms of Androgen Receptor Function in Vivo, 2014

Quintero, Ileana B

Physiological Functions of Prostatic Acid Phosphatase,2015

Rajecki, Maria

Oncolytic Adenoviruses with Radiation Therapy for Treatment of Prostate Cancer, 2011

Rannikko, Sakari

Carcinoma of the prostate: a clinical and hormone investigation, 1979

Saaed, Khalid

Functional Testing of Urological Cancer Models by RNAi and Drug Libraries, 2018

Sahu, Biswajyoti

Genome-wide Analysis of Androgen Receptor Function in Prostate Cancer, 2012

Salo, Jaakko

Endo-ultrasonography and computed tomography in staging bladder and prostatic cancers, 1986

Sandeman, Kevin

Building Blocks of Prostate Cancer Diagnostics, 2023

Santti, Henrikki

Molecular determinants of androgen action, 2004

Soininen, Leena

The health of Finnish Sami in light of mortality and cancer pattern, 2015

Ståhlberg, Kaarlo

Estramustine and its derivatives in potentiating radiotherapy of prostate cancer, 2011

Sugiyama, Nami

Cooperation of MT1-MMP and receptor tyrosine kinase signaling in cancer cell invasion, 2013

Taube, Taina

Tumour invasion to bone: histomorphometric analysis of the bone disease induced by myelomatosis, breast cancer and prostate cancer, 1994

Thompson, James

Molecular Mechanisms of Androgen Receptor Interactions, 2006

Torvinen, Saku

Health-Related Quality of Life and Costs in Prostate Cancer, 2019

Zhang, Wan-Ming

Purification, characterization and clinical evaluation of various molecular forms of prostate-specific antigen, 2000

Zhigang, Kang

Androgen receptor in transcriptional regulation and carcinogenesis, 2006

Zhu, Lei

Development of Novel Assays for Measuring Different Molecular Forms of Prostate Specific Antigen, 2009

Vasarainen, Hanna

Screening and active surveillance in prostatic cancer, 2014

Wu, Ping  

Identification, characterisation and utility of prostate-specific antigen-binding peptides, 2004

Itä-Suomen yliopisto (11)

Karppi, Jouni

Measurement of carotenoids and their role in lipid oxidation and cancer, 2011

Kuivalainen, Leena

Health related quality of life among men with prostate cancer in one-year follow-up time, 2004

Makkonen, Harri
Androgen receptor-mediated gene activation in prostate cancer cells, 2010

Poutiainen, Pekka

Principles of Targeting Sex Steroid Receptors in Cancer Drug Research & Development, 2013

Raatikainen, Sami

TWIST and oxidative stress related biomarkers in outcome prediction of prostate cancer patients treated with radical prostatectomy, 2016

Romppanen, Jarkko

Serum sialic acid in clinical diagnostics, 2003

Salonen, Arto

Intermittent versus continuous androgen deprivation in patients with advanced prostate cancer: the Finnprostate Study VII, 2013

Sutinen, Päivi

SUMOylation in the Regulation of Androgen Receptor and Pioneer Factor FOXA1 in Prostate Cancer Cells, 2015

Toropainen, Sari

PIAS1 in androgen-regulated gene programs in prostate and brest cancer cells, 2016

Vesalainen, Satu

Prognostic factors in prostatic adenocarcinoma assessed by cytometric and histological methods, 1995

Vuolukka, Kristiina

Targeted Radiotherapy in Postate Cancer, 2021

Oulun yliopisto (13)

Giannareas, Nikolaos

Discovery on somatic-germline interplay implicating prostate cancer predisposition and progression, 2021

Hakalahti, Leena

Generation and processing of monoclonal antibodies for applications in the diagnosis of prostatic cancer, 1993

Hammond, Geoffrey

Endocrinological factors and trace metals in normal and abnormal growth of the human prostate, 1978

Heikkilä, Vesa-Pekka

New techniques and methods for decreasing healthy tissue dose in prostate cancer radiotherapy, with special reference to rectal doses, 2016

Härkönen, Päivi

17beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases/17-ketosteroid reductases (17HSD/KSR) in prostatic cancer, 2005

Elo, Jussi

Genomic aberrations in prostate cancer: androgen receptor mutations and loss of heterozygosity at chromosome region 16q, 1998

Lukkarinen, Olavi

Serum steroid and pituitary hormones in prostatic carcinoma and hyperplasia: with special reference to the effect of treatment, 1981

Patrikainen, Lila

Prostatic gene expression: probasin, human prostatic acid phosphatase and macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1 as model genes, 2004

Perälä-Heape, Maritta

Radioimmunodetection of prostatic carcinoma with monoclonal antibodies: biodistribution of labelled monoclonal antibodies and their fragmets in a mouse model, 1991

Tonttila, Panu

Multiparametric magnetic resonance imaging for the detection and characterisation of prostate cancer, 2020

Vaarala Markku

Differential gene expression in prostate cancer. Identification of genes expressed in prostate cancer, androgen-dependent and androgen-independent LNCaP cell lines, and characterization of TMPRSS2 expression, 2000

Vihko, Pirkko

Human prostatic acid phosphatase and its radioimmunoassay, 1978

Virkkunen, Pirjo

Human prostatic acid phosphatase: cDNA-derived primary structure, characterization and chromosomal localizationof the gene, and restriction fragment length polymorphism at the gene Locus, 1993

Tampereen yliopisto (54)

Ahonen, Merja

Vitamin D in human ovarian and prostate cancer, 2002

Eerola, Sini

The role of PIM kinases in prostate cancer – promoting and inhibiting factors, 2022

Fischer, Daniel

On Statistical Methods in Prostate Cancer Genomics, 2017

Guo, Johannes

Finnish national job-exposure matrix (FINJEM) in register-based cancer research, 2005

Harju, Eeva

Health-related quality of life and marital relationship of patients with prostate cancer and their spouses, 2018

Hautamäki-Lamminen, Katja

Seksuaalisuuden muutokset syöpään sairastuessa – tiedontarpeet ja tiedonsaanti, 2012

Helin, Henrik

Digital Histopathology of Cancer, 2022

Hervonen, Petteri

Chemotherapy for Castration Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer, 2014

Hyytinen, Eija-Riitta

Molecular cytogenetics of prostate cancer: technology development and analysis of tumor progression, 1996

Jalava, Sanni

The role of 8q amplification and microRNAs in prostate cancer, 2012

Kaapu, Kalle

Antiarrythmic Drugs and Cancer in Finnish Men: An epidemiological study on prostate cancer risk, survival and overall cancer mortality, 2019

Kartasalo, Kimmo

Machine learning and 3D-reconstruction methods for computational pathology, 2021

Kilpeläinen, Tuomas

Population- Based Screening for Prostate Cancer-Weighing up the Beneficial and Adverse Effects of Screening, 2013

Koivisto, Pasi

Androgen receptor gene amplification in hormone-refractory prostate cancer, 1997

Kylmälä, Timo

Prostate cancer and bone metastases: the effect of clodronate, 1997

Laitinen, Sari

Prostate cancer: from molecular genetics to prognostic markers, 2008 

Laitinen, Virpi

Genetic Risk Factors for Hereditary Prostate Cancer in Finland, 2016

Lehmusvaara, Saara

Traditional and Novel Treatments for Prostate Cancer – Discoveries at the molecular level, 2012

Linja, Marika

Alterations in androgen receptor, estrogen receptors and their coregulatory genes in prostate cancer, 2003

Lou, Yan-Ru

Vitamin D<sub>3</sub> metabolism in normal and malignant human prostate cells, 2005

Matikainen, Mika

Genetic epidemiology of hereditary prostate cancer in Finland, 2001

Mattila, Henna

Hereditary prostate cancer in Finland: from genetic linkage to susceptibility genes, 2009

Mononen, Nina

Polymorphisms in genes associated with androgen biosynthesis and metabolism as risk factors for human prostate cancer, 2005

Murtola, Teemu

Prostate cancer incidence among men using statins, finasteride or antidiabetic drugs, 2009

Mäkinen, Tuukka

The Finnish Population-Based Prostate Cancer Screening Trial. A clinical perspective, 2008

Määttänen, Liisa

Performans of the Finnish Prostate Cancer Screening Trial Based on Process Indicators, 2007

Nazarova, Nadezda

Regulation of growth factor signaling by vitamin D in human prostate cancer cells, 2006

Nummenmaa, Juho

Näyttöön perustuvat hoitosuositukset ja yleislääkärin työ, 2007

Nupponen Nina N

Amplification of EIF3S3 in breast and prostate cancer, 1999

Nurminen, Riikka

Genetic Susceptibility Factors for Prostate Cancer at Chromosomal Region 11q13.5, 2016

Oksanen, Hanna

Modelling the survival of prostate cancer patients, 1998

Pakkanen, Sanna

Profiling of High-risk Prostate Cancer Families in Finland, 2010

Palmberg, Christian

Androgen sensitivity of prostate cancer: special reference to prognostic factors and androgen receptor gene amplification, 2000

Porkka, Kati

Differentially expressed genes in prostate cancer, 2003

Qiao, Shengjun

Fatty Acid Metabolism, Vitamin D3 and Prostate Cancer, 2006

Rantapero, Tommi

Developing a Framework for Analysis of Next-Generation Sequencing Data in Cancer Genetics and Epigenetics, 2020

Rauhala, Hanna

DNA hypermethylation in prostate cancer, 2009

Roine, Antti

Novel Spectrometric Methods in Detection of Prostate Cancer and Urinary Tract Infection, 2014

Rökman, Annika

In search of high-penetrant hereditary prostate cancer susceptibility genes in Finland, 2004

Santala, Eerik

The association between antihypertensive drug use and risk of cancer death in Finland, 2023

Saramäki, Outi

Gene copy number alterations in prostate cancer, 2006

Savinainen, Kimmo

Amplification and overexpression of ERBB2, uPA, TRPS1, EIF353 and MYC genes in prostatic cancer, 2006

Scaravilli, Mauro

Identification of 1p21-22 Amplification in Bladder Cancer and Expression of non-coding RNAs in Prostate Cancer, 2016

Seppälä, Eija

Heterogeneity in genetic susceptibility to prostate cancer, 2006

Siltanen, Sanna

Contribution of the ARLTS1 Gene to Prostate Cancer Susceptibility, 2013

Sunny, Lizzy

Prostate Cancer – An Epidemiological Study in India, 2005

Sormunen, Jorma

Physical Activity and Incidence of Cancer with Special Emphasis on Colorectal and Prostate Cancers in Men, 2018

Tabaro, Francesco

Analysis of Chromatin and Proteins in Cancer, 2020

Tolonen, Teemu

Molecular biomarkers and histopathological parameters in prostate cancer diagnostics and prognostics, 2011

Urbanucci, Alfonso

Overexpression of Androgen Receptor in Prostate Cancer, 2012

Veitonmäki, Thea

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and cancer in Finnish men. An epidemiologic study on prostate cancer risk, survival and overall cancer mortality, 2016

Visakorpi, Tapio

Cell proliferation rate in prostatic carcinoma: prognostic value and relation to epidermal growth factor receptor and p53 expression, 1992

Waltering, Kati

Androgen receptor signalling pathway in prostate cancer, 2010

Wang, Jing-Huan

Vitamin D, Lipid Metabolism and Prostate Cancer, 2009

Turun yliopisto (37)

Ahonen, Tommi

Characterization of signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (Stat5)-dependent survival of prostate cancer cells, 2005

Anttinen, Mikael

Novel imaging and image-guided therapy of prostate cancer, 2021

Björkman, Mari

Identification of Epigenetic Targets in Prostate Cancer for Therapeutic Development, 2013

Buhmeida, Abdelbaset

Application of image analytic DNA cytometry and morphometry in prostatic fine needle aspiration biopsies, 2002

Elo, Teresa

The Effects of Fibroblast Growth Factor 8b on Reproductive Organs and Prostate Tumorigenesis, 2013

Huhtinen, Petri

Lanthanide Nanoparticles – Preparation and New Applications in Bioaffinity Assays, 2006

Jambor, Ivan

Towards improved characterization of prostate cancer using magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography, 2017

Ketola, Kirsi

Chemical Biology Screen for Prostate Cancer Therapeutics, 2011

Knaapila, Juha

Challenges in diagnostics of Prostate cancer, 2020

Knuuttila, Matias

Intratumoral androgen biosynthesis in prostate cancer: Evidence from preclinical models and clinical specimens, 2017

Korpela, Jaana

First-line chemotherapy with anthracycline and taxane combination in metastatic breast cancer. Detection of bone metastases with TRACP 5b, 2011

Kuisma, Anna

Multimodality Imaging in Prostate Cancer, 2023

Malaspina, Simona

Prostate-specific membrane antigen as a target for prostate cancer PET imaging, 2023

Mialon, Antoine

Role and Function of c-Jun Protein Complex in Cancer Cell Behavior, 2009

Mirtti, Tuomas

Tissue Markers and Molecular Mechanisms in Pathogenesis and Clinical Progression of Prostate Cancer, 2006

Nevalainen, Marja Tuuli

Prolactin regulation of rat and human prostate, 1997

Niemelä, Pauliina

Circulating Forms of Free Prostate-Specific Antigen and Their Use in Prostate Cancer Diagnostics, 2002

Oksala, Riikka

ANDROGEN SIGNALING AXIS AS DRUG TARGET IN CASTRATION-RESISTANT PROSTATE CANCER: Preclinical development of novel treatments and models, 2018

Pellinen, Teijo

β1 integrin regulation, 2009

Pelo, Camilla

Collagen Binding Integrins and Cancer Testis Antigens in Prostate Cancer and Melanoma, 2016

Peltola, Katriina

Signaling in cancer: pim-1 kinase and its partners, 2004

Peltola, Mari

Free Prostate-specific Antigen Forms and Kallikrein-related Peptidase 2: Tools for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics, 2012

Pylkkänen, Liisa

Neonatally estrogenized mouse as a model for the study of prostatic carcinogenesis, 1992

Salmenperä, Liisa

Complementary and alternative medicine: attitudes of cancer patients, nurses and physicians, the use of complementary and alternative medicine by cancer patients, 2005

Santio, Niina

PIM signaling in cancer – regulation of cell motility and metabolism), 2016

Seppälä, Jan

The Possibilities and Dosimetric Limitations of MLC-Based Intensity-Modulated Radiotherapy Delivery and Optimization Techniques, 2012

Seikkula, Heikki

Studies on prostate-specific antigen and prostate cancer epidemiology, 2017

Suominen, Mari

Dual inhibition of the vicious cycle and tumor growth in breast and prostate cancer bone metastasis – evaluation of various therapeutic approaches in experimental mouse models, 2018

Tuomela, Johanna

Orthotopic PC-3 Tumor Xenografts in Studies on Prostate Cancer Growth and Metastasis, 2010

Tuomi, Saara

The Integrin Tail: A Tale of Cell Motility and Division, 2010

Vainio, Paula

High-Throughput Screening for Novel Prostate Cancer Drug Targets-Getting Personal, 2011

Valta, Maija

Fibroblast Growth Factor 8 in the Progression of Hormonal Cancer; Cancer-associated Bone Formation and Bone Metastasis, 2008

Valve, Eeva

Activation of FGF-8 in hormonal cancer: with special reference to murine breast cancer cells and human prostate and ovarian cancer, 2000

Virtakoivu, Reetta

Vitamin D<sub>3</sub> metabolism in normal and malignant human prostate cells, 2015

Virtanen, Sanna

Bisphosphonate Inhibition of Prostate Cancer Cell Invasion, Migration and Cytoskeletal Organization, 2010

Ylikoski, Alice

Quantitative detection of prostate-specific antigen and human glandular kallikrein 2 mRNAs, 2001

Yu, Lan

Role of fibroblast growth factors and their receptors in prostate cancer, 2016

Suomalaisissa yliopistoissa tarkastettujen, eturauhassyöpää käsittelevien väitöskirjojen lukumäärä 1970-2020-luvulla

HY ISY OY TaY TY Yhteensä
1970-luku 1 2 3
1980-luku 2 1 3
1990-luku 3 1 4 6 2 16
2000-luku 16 2 3 23 12 56
2010-luku 21 7 1 19 19 67
2020-luku 6 1 2 6 4 19
Yhteensä 49 11 13 54 37 164

Mikä on PSA?

PSA on eturauhassyövän diagnostiikassa ja seurannassa käytettävä merkkiaine. Nykyään eturauhassyöpäepäily herää useimmiten koholla olevan PSA-arvon takia, ei oireiden. Vähäisistäkin virtsaamisoireista kärsiville yli 50-vuotiaille miehille on tehtävä PSA-määritys ja muut asianmukaiset tutkimukset mahdollisen eturauhassyövän toteamiseksi.

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Miten eturauhassyöpä oireilee?

Paikallinen ja parannettavissa oleva eturauhassyöpä ei juurikaan oireile, vaan oireet johtuvat samanaikaisesti esiintyvästä eturauhasen hyvänlaatuisesta liikakasvusta. Eturauhassyövän edetessä tauti voi aiheuttaa paikallisia oireita, jotka ovat samanlaisia kuin hyvänlaatuisessa liikakasvussa, mm. virtsavaivat.

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Periytyykö eturauhassyöpä?

Pohjoismaiseen kaksosaineistoon perustuvan tutkimuksen perusteella eturauhassyövän kehittymisessä perimällä on suurin merkitys tutkituista syövistä. Jos miehen isällä tai veljellä on todettu eturauhassyöpä, hänen riskinsä sairastua on kaksinkertainen verrattuna miehiin, joiden suvussa eturauhassyöpää ei ole esiintynyt.

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